Agricultural Developement Trust's
                                    Shardabai Pawar Mahila Arts, Commerce & Science College, Shardanagar
               Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University Re-accrediated by NAAC 'A' Grade(CGPA-3.09)


Policies –

  •                   i) Teaching, learning, cultural, recreational, supporting spaces are created on basis of ultimate need and its maximum usage.

  •                   ii) Once infrastructure is generated it has taken as resource for propagating outcome at its fullest use and efficiency.

  •                   iii) Every infrastructure from small equipment to buildings housing classes, laboratories etc. are to be brought to the notice of all.

  •                   iv) All facilities with their capacity, manuals / standard operating procedures, facilities within are well fixed and published form time to time and are made available.

  •                   v) Pre and post utilization of infrastructure proper upkeep and maintenance measures are followed by concerned.

  •                   vi) Each and every thing will be available for everyone and every user has to take care of everything used.

  •                   vii) Place for everything and everything at a place. (PEEP)

  •                   viii) Seasonal and Annual maintenance, extensions of renewals are to be brought to the notice of institute head well in advance for budgetary provisional.

Procedures – following are the procedures to be followed for utilization and maintenance.

  •                     1) As per need of infrastructure proper application is sent to Hon. Principal / Concerned HoD (forwarded by Principal) and is made available.

  •                     2) User and Incharge are supposed to follow the policies of institute.

  •                     3) Pre and post use upkeep is to be taken care of by user department.

  •                     4) Any discrepancies, damages, additional requirements, extensions are to be reported well in advance in application or immediately during handing over to concerned                          incharge.

  •                     5) Schedules of regular occupancy and availability is displayed at proper places.

  •                  6) Concerned incharges are taking care of seasonal annual maintenance of infrastructure, renewal and extensions of facilities and accordingly prepares Budget and                          sends to Head, Institute / Principal.

  •                     7) Annually stock records are checked and verified by concerned Incharge / HoD.

  •                     8) Regular upkeep of maintenance of computer systems and software’s by system operator / Technician.

  •                     9) Laboratory stock, Equipments, instruments are maintained and taken care by concerned Heads for repairing, renewal and extensions annually or as per need.

  •                     10) Recurring, non-recurring, property and dead stock registers are properly maintained.

  •                     11) Library resources are also taken care after post damage, repairing and renewals.

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